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SOMAPI Webinar Series

The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) hosted a nine-part webinar series based on the SMART Office's Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative (SOMAPI). The webinars are designed to provide policymakers and practitioners with trustworthy, up-to-date information they can use to identify and implement effective means to combat sexual offending and prevent sexual victimization. Topics include the incidence and prevalence of sexual offending; the etiology of sexual offending; sex offender typologies; internet offending; risk assessment; recidivism; treatment effectiveness, and sex offender management including registration and notification.

To view the recordings and slides for this webinar series, please visit NCJA here: What Do We Know About Sexual Offending and Sex Offender Management and Treatment? A Webinar Series Presenting the Evidence from State-of-the-Art Research.

Date Created: March 6, 2020