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SMART FY 18 Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative

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Sex offender registration and notification plays an important role in promoting public safety. However, a much broader scope of activities are necessary to protect the public from sexual violence. Recognizing the broad impact of sexual violence and the important role scientific evidence plays in the development and implementation of effective policies and practices, including those focused on sex offenders, the SMART Office works to identify and disseminate information from state-of-the-art research on central and emerging issues in sex violence in order to inform policy and practice in the field. In 2011, the SMART Office launched the Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative designed to assess the state of research and practice in sexual violence prevention and sex offender-related programming and to inform OJP's research and grant-making efforts in this area. As part of this effort, the office gathered information about research and practice in the field and enlisted practitioners to provide details about promising or effective sex offender-related programs and practices, and identify the needs of the various disciplines involved. With this solicitation, the SMART Office will build on previous efforts through seeking applications for funding the continuation, enhancement and advancement of the PSVRI project. Specifically, project goals include: Updating literature review chapters and research briefs with current and emerging research and practice. Developing additional literature review chapters and research briefs on relevant sex violence prevention and sex offender recidivism-specific topics. Drafting topical briefs targeted to specific disciplines or professionals involved in sex offender-related work. Developing a dissemination plan to reach broad audiences and professions. Inventorying sex offender-related policies and practices, as well as sexual violence prevention efforts, and identifying potential Convening a select group of practitioners and experts to discuss and peer review the project's findings and make recommendations on future directions.
Date Created: February 14, 2018