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Juli Ana Grant

Senior Policy Advisor

Juli Ana Grant is a senior policy advisor for the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART) in the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. She advises states and tribes on sex offender registration and notification and matters related to sex offender management. Ms. Grant also leads the Tribal Training and Technical Assistance project that provides support and specialized training to tribes that are implementing sex offender registration programs and developing innovative ways to enhance community and registrar safety. In addition, Ms. Grant works on the Tribal Access Program, a collaborative project providing tribes with the ability to access federal information-sharing databases, and the Native American Sex Offender Management project, which assists and supports tribes monitoring offenders in their communities. Prior to taking her position at SMART in 2010, Ms. Grant worked for the Department’s Office on Violence Against Women.

Prior to the Department of Justice, Ms. Grant was a program manager in the Sex Offense Management and Domestic Violence Programs and the Tribal Justice Exchange Project at the Center for Court Innovation, overseeing development and implementation of sex offense management programs, specialized sex offense courts and domestic violence courts in New York state, including developing collaborative projects, coordinating grant writing for innovative approaches, training advocates and other professionals and participating in countywide and statewide management committees. As part of the Tribal Justice Exchange Project team, Ms. Grant helped ensure tribal communities had access to training and ongoing technical assistance about problem-solving community-based practices and encouraged formal collaborations between traditional tribal justice systems and state and local court systems, as well as identifying and disseminating best practices developed in Indian country that could help strengthen public safety initiatives elsewhere in the U.S. In addition, she provided technical assistance to states on domestic violence issues to help design and develop protocols, research projects, service plans, resources and techniques for documenting results.

Before joining the center, Ms. Grant was a director of Safe Horizon’s Brooklyn Criminal and Supreme Courts Programs and the Brooklyn Family Justice Center. In this capacity, Ms. Grant supervised staff providing crisis intervention and social services in the Brooklyn criminal courts, the King’s County District Attorney’s Office, the Red Hook Community Justice Center and the Family Justice Center. In addition, Ms. Grant oversaw the restitution program for victims of crime, as well as two child-care facilities that provided care for children with families involved in the criminal courts system. During her tenure, Ms. Grant expanded outreach to underserved communities and participated in multiple planning committees to open new programs. She also developed early intervention projects for domestic and sexual violence victims.

Date Created: March 5, 2020