SMART Office Launches New Initiative

In March 2011, the SMART Office began work on the Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative (SOMAPI), a project designed to assess the state of research and practice in sex offender management and to inform the Office of Justice Program's (OJP) research and grant making efforts in this area. As part of this effort, the office gathered information in the field and asked practitioners to provide details about promising and effective sex offender management programs or practices and to identify the needs of the various disciplines involved.

Following this information-gathering phase, the SMART Office hosted a 1??–day forum on February 8–9, 2012, in the District of Columbia. Approximately 50 national experts—researchers and practitioners—were invited to discuss the office's assessment and to further refine what is known about the current state of sex offender management, gaps in research and practice, and the needs of the different disciplines involved in this work. Recommendations from this forum will be used to shape the agenda of the SMART Office's 2012 National Symposium on Sex Offender Management and Accountability, to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 7–9, 2012. At the symposium, participants will learn from national and local experts and government officials about the latest and most promising practices in adult and juvenile sex offender management, covering topics such as prevention, investigation, arrest, prosecution, sentencing, correctional programming, reentry, supervision, treatment, registering, tracking, and current research.

The culmination of SOMAPI will help guide OJP's sex offender management research, policy, and grant making efforts and will provide direction to the field on how best to protect the public from sexual violence.

More information about SOMAPI will be posted soon on the SMART Office's website.

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  • SMART Office Launches New Initiative
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