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The past year has been a period of intense activity for the SMART Office. This issue updates our readers on SORNA-related action, information-sharing activities, and new SMART Office initiatives.

Read about the reallocation of Byrne JAG funds, SORNA implementation, the International Tracking of Sex Offenders Working Group, funding news, new SMART Office staff, and the office's Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative.
Read the latest on the SMART Office's technological tools—NSOPW, the SORNA Exchange Portal, TTSORS, and an upcoming social media tool—and about the Notification of International Travel of Sex Offender form.

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Latest Developments

SORNA Status. As of this writing, 44 jurisdictions (15 States, 27 tribes, and 2 territories) have substantially implemented SORNA???s requirements.

Spotlight on Indian Country
Read about SORNA implementation in Indian Country, the review process we use, and tips for getting through that process. arrow More
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