SORNA Deadline Extension Requests

SORNA registration jurisdictions have until July 27, 2010, to substantially implement requirements for registering and monitoring sex offenders under the SORNA provisions of the Adam Walsh Act. However, jurisdictions may request an additional 1-year extension by submitting an extension request form to the SMART Office.

The extension request form requires jurisdictions to indicate the specific efforts currently in process or on the horizon to substantially implement SORNA by July 2011.

Jurisdictions will be asked to provide information concerning—

  • Legislative activity.
  • Updates to its public sex offender website.
  • Notification programs.
  • Administrative policies and procedures.
  • Information sharing with other relevant agencies.
  • Collaboration with Indian tribes that may reside in the jurisdiction.

The SMART Office has two extension request forms available: one for the states, territories, and the District of Columbia and one for tribal jurisdictions. These forms have been mailed to authorities in all registration jurisdictions.

Jurisdictions must complete the form and return it to the SMART Office no later than July 1, 2010, to allow the SMART Office sufficient time to approve the request before the July 27, 2010, deadline. However, if your jurisdiction plans to submit an application for grant funding in response to the SMART FY 2010 Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant solicitation, please note that an extension request must be submitted by April 26, 2010, as a condition of the grant application.

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