Sex Offender Registry Tool

The Sex Offender Registry Tool (SORT) is a sex offender management application provided by the SMART Office at no cost to assist states in implementing the SORNA registry system requirements of the Adam Walsh Act. SORT makes the registry setup and maintenance process as efficient and effective as possible.

SORT serves a dual purpose: it provides local registration agencies with their own specialized public sex offender registry websites and it functions as the state-level administrative registry system. The SORT application improves information-sharing capabilities by providing electronic community notifications, allowing automatic participation with the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, creating sex offender registration files that comply with the National Information Exchange Model to be shared between jurisdictions, and enabling law enforcement to locate sex offender registration information by searching on any field or combination of fields.

Local jurisdictions can customize their public website's design by selecting from six available templates or by creating their own template. They also can access the centralized system so that the state's sex offender registry information is always up to date. State registry personnel can validate any information entered or modified in the system before it is made available to the public. Each state can modify or expand the application as needed using the source code provided. Ongoing technical assistance and support are not available; individual jurisdictions that elect to install and use SORT must maintain the system.

To get your state started, e-mail [email protected] or call the Institute for Intergovernmental Research® at 850-385-0600, ext. 222, for additional information.

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