Update on SMART Technical Tools

SORT 1.0

The Sex Offender Registry Tool (SORT) version 1.0, a sex offender management application provided at no cost to assist states in implementing the SORNA registry system requirements, was released on August 6, 2010, and can be downloaded from the SORNA Exchange Portal. To access the application, log on to the SORNA Exchange Portal and click the "SORT Application" link on the left-side navigation menu. The portal folder contains the SORT application files, an implementation and configuration guide for installing SORT, and a comprehensive user manual that explains SORT's features.


The Tribe and Territory Sex Offender Registry System (TTSORS), a web-based registry and public website software tool available to tribes and territories free of charge, will be receiving some new and exciting features in the next few weeks that will make it even more useful to the jurisdictions that use it. Some of these new features are—

  • An offender summary bar at the top of every offender information form that shows an image of the offender with important registration information.
  • An advanced search that allows administrative users to conduct criteria-based searches by physical descriptive fields (e.g., scars, tattoos), address fields, and more.
  • "Is Current" checkboxes that enable historical information to be stored and designated as not current so it is not shown on the public website; administrative users can still see the historical information.

In March 2010, the SMART Office held a one day, all expenses paid training session on TTSORS in Tulsa, Oklahoma; future sessions will take place in Billings, Montana, at the end of August and in Arizona in October 2010. Please contact the SMART Office if you are a representative from a tribal jurisdiction and are interested in attending the Arizona event: [email protected].

SORNA Exchange Portal

The SORNA Exchange Portal now includes web service interfaces that allow jurisdictions to fully integrate the Offender Relocation Task function into their existing sex offender management systems. By using these web service interfaces, jurisdictions can assign new offender relocation tasks, view offender relocation tasks that have been assigned to them, and mark their offender relocation tasks as complete.


The SMART Office is continuing its efforts to help states submit more information to the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW). Currently, only Louisiana, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Indiana are providing the information NSOPW needs to expand the information and search features it provides to the public. As a reminder, NSOPW needs the following offender information so that it can enhance the information it provides to the public:

  • First, middle, and last names, including aliases.
  • Complete home, work, and school addresses, including county and latitude and longitude.
  • Date of birth.
  • Compliance status.
  • URL to the offender details record on your jurisdiction's site.
  • URL to the offender's image.

The additional fields will allow NSOPW to provide address-based searching, thumbnail images on the search results page, and date of birth or current age on the search results page.

For more information, please access the "NSOPW Participation Requirements" document located on the SORNA Exchange Portal.

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