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SMART Watch is SMART’s newsletter, highlighting ongoing activities, resources, funding opportunities, and upcoming events.
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SMART Watch, Winter 2019

In Memoriam: Dru Sjodin

In this issue, Dru Sjodin’s mother talks about the impact of her daughter’s murder. 

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Previous SMART Watch Issues

SMART Watch, Summer 2018
Read the redesigned SMART Watch Newsletter. In this issue, Adam Walsh’s father writes about the impact of his son’s abduction.

SMART Watch, Summer 2014
Read about SMART Office highlights, SORNA implementation, the International Tracking of Sex Offenders Working Group, new staff members and fellowship positions, new and updated tools, recent grant programs, and substantial implementation efforts in Indian Country. 

SMART Watch, Spring 2013
Read about SORNA implementation, the reallocation of penalized Byrne JAG funds, International Tracking of Sex Offenders, and provides updates on funding availability, technology, and information for Indian Country.

SMART Watch, Spring 2012
Read about SORNA implementation, the reallocation of penalized Byrne JAG funds, International Tracking of Sex Offenders, funding news, new SMART Office staff, the office’s Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative, as well as technology updates and new information for Indian Country.

SMART Watch, Spring 2011
Read about new supplemental guidelines and a revised implementation checklist, measuring implementation costs, submitting implementation packets, failing to substantially implement SORNA, tracking offenders leaving and entering the country, and the 2011 National Workshop.

SMART Watch, Summer 2010
Since the last issue of SMART Watch, the SMART Office has added staff, increased outreach efforts, and issued a series of documents to provide further definition, guidance, and direction to SORNA jurisdictions. Additionally, supplemental guidelines have been proposed that address, among other things, public notification of juveniles adjudicated delinquent for serious sex crimes, posting of sex offender information (e.g., email addresses, Internet identifiers), and reporting of international travel requirements. This issue of SMART Watch highlights these new developments and provides an update on the status of SORNA implementation in the registration jurisdictions.

SMART Watch, Winter 2010
This issue of SMART Watch provides tips and resources to help jurisdictions move toward substantial implementation, focusing on issues relating to information sharing and the complex area of tribal-state communications. This newsletter also contains a "Spotlight on Indian Country" section that offers additional guidance and resources for the 197 tribes that are preparing for substantial implementation of SORNA.

SMART Watch, Summer 2009
This issue of SMART Watch addresses several challenges that jurisdictions are encountering, including offense tiering, juvenile registration and notification, and retroactivity.

SMART Watch, Winter 2009
SMART’s Winter 2009 newsletter includes a discussion of myth versus fact in the implementation of SORNA, as well as additional information on offenses that jurisdictions must include under SORNA.

SMART Watch, Summer 2008
The inaugural issue of SMART Watch provides background information about SORNA and the SMART Office, and introduces a variety of resources available to jurisdictions responsible for implementing SORNA.

SMART Watch Dispatch

SMART Watch Dispatch, October 2017
Read about the reclassification of SORNA from U.S. Code Title 42 to U.S. Code Title 34, effective Sept. 1, 2017.

SMART Watch Dispatch, September 2016
Read about Juvenile Sex Offender Registration, including discussion on the Supplemental Guidelines for Juvenile Registration under SORNA, which was finalized in August 2016.

SMART Watch Dispatch, February 2016
Read about International Megan's Law, key provisions and practical implications.

SMART Watch Dispatch, January 2016
Read about Enhanced Sentencing under the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) and the potential impact on SORNA implementation.

SMART Watch Dispatch, April 2015
Learn more about SMART's recently appointed Director, Luis C.deBaca.

SMART Watch Dispatch, March 2015
Read SMART's Case Digest on State v. Shale. Learn more about the policy implications of the Washington State Supreme Court decision as it relates to tribal and state jurisdiction over sex offenders and prosecuting failure to register cases.

SMART Watch Dispatch, December 2014
Read SMART's Case Digest on United States v. Michael Bryant, Jr. The Ninth Circuit Court decision raised concerns regarding the future use of tribal court convictions in federal proceedings. Learn more about the SORNA implications and policy considerations.